Tips To Wash Your Funny Tshirt Of Cotton So It Does Not Shrink

How many times have you put on a funny tshirt of cotton and after washing it and trying to put it on again, you realize that it has shrunk and you do not look as good as the first time? This is a common problem that has happened to many of us and if you have bought a size too fair, it is very likely that you will not look as good as the first time since a cotton tshirt can shrink between a 10% and 15% of its volume, but is it inevitable? The answer is no, if we consider a number of aspects before washing it, it is very likely that the shirt does not shrink and we look as perfect as when we bought it.

What can we do at the time of washing, so that our favorite funny cotton tshirt does not shrink? Well, to help you in this regard, there are some tips;

1 – The first thing to do is read the wash recommendation label.

All the garments usually carry a label in which it gives us indications to wash them. These indications tell us about whether or not they can be machine washed or if it is better to wash them by hand, also on the maximum temperature to put in the wash. To follow them, it is essential that our shirt stays practically like the first day.

2 – Avoid Hot Water

Washing cotton garments with warm water is one of the causes that causes them to shrink. The ideal thing is to wash them with cold water, although it is true that if we find a stain difficult to remove, with cold water as it is difficult to go with which, it is advisable to rub that stain by hand and then put our funny shirt in the washing machine.

3 – Don’t Use the Dryer!

If we have washed our funny tshirt with cold water but then dried it with the dryer, we will encounter the same problem, unless we make a cold drying. If we use a hot drying, it will have the same effect as if we had washed the t-shirt with hot water. With which, the best option to dry them is lying down.

4 – The time to Iron

And finally, if we are going to iron our funny cotton t-shirt, we must bear in mind that if we do not do it correctly, we are also likely to run the risk of getting it smaller. The solution is to wet it before ironing, so that the temperature of the iron does not have negative effects on it.

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