An Overview Of The Roblox – A Platform Where You Create Games

Roblox is a brick game where you can create your own games, and make things like houses, trees, animals, factories, booby traps, planes or cars. Roblox, born in 2005, has changed a lot, and it is one of the games that has changed the most in a few years and some of the most famous among the brick games since it is played directly without making any purchase.

There are 2 forms of money in ROBLOX as Tickets and Robux.


They are similar to the tickets you win in a gallery. You play the game, you get the tickets, and with them you can buy the objects such as hats, faces, pants, t-shirts, etc. The tickets are given to the citizens who are helping to expand and improve Robloxia. The main way to get the tickets is to make a cool place and then let people visit you. You get ten tickets a day, just for signing in.


It is the main currency of Robloxia. The citizens in the Builders Club receive a daily ration of Robux to help them live a comfortable life. For this and other benefits, you can consider joining the Builders Club. Alternatively, you can buy Robux using Roblox’s secure payment system or get them by exchanging the tickets for Robux.


In the catalog, there are 4 types of objects which are as follows;

Only for CDC (Club of Builders)


These are regular items that can be sold for an amount of Robux or tickets.

Only for CDC

These are those that can only be acquired by the users with a membership of Builders Club.


They are the ones that were sold once in Roblox and won’t not be on sale again. The players who own them can resell to other the player at their set price.


These are products that are sold on Roblox until they are sold out. When these are sold, they are marked with the serial number which indicates which one you have. Once they are sold, they can be sold to other players.

Classification of Games

There are several types or modes of Roblox games in which one can participate which are as follows;


These are not qualified with a specific one.


These deal with the middle ages, knights, dragons, ogres, etc.


In these games, weapon is not everything.

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