Why Should You Take The Protections Against Water Damage?

A few years ago, due to the bad installation of my dishwasher, I found a real floating floor and I felt if I were on a dock. I have paid for the renovations myself. First, because the amount was not so high, and above all, because I was the responsible installer. If the damage had been greater, I would have asked my broker since the majority of water damage is insurable.

Some damage caused by water are covered by your basic insurance contract. The breakage of a pipe in a wall, the washer that runs, the overflowing bath or disconnected dishwashers are some examples. However, these are not the most frequent occurrences.

In the recent years, the insurers have paid enormous amounts of claims on account of some water damage and rather than charging more to all their insured, the companies preferred to separate the protection of water damage into several subcategories, so everyone chooses the protections he or she wants.

Types of Water Damage

The majority of claims come from 2 types of damage, either the water arrives from the above or one will speak of water damage above the ground. For example, the infiltration of rainwater through windows, walls, roof or leakage or overflow of the gutters or downspouts.

If the water comes from the below, it will be referred to as soil and sewage water damage. In the recent years, a new coverage is available as the water inlet which covers the costs of restoring your land after the municipality to repair this joint between piping.

Why should you take these protections against water damage?

First of all, for the simple reason that these are claims that happen quite on a regular basis. The damage caused by water can be very expensive. Not only the insurer will replace your damaged property with water directly but will pay for the cost of cleaning, rebuilding and, if applicable, your temporary relocation during the work.

Do not forget that a prosecution is long and arduous process and that in the end you will never be compensated for the full value of your damages. With the help of your broker and your insurer, you will be supported and compensated quite quickly and, above all, in the replacement value. The line may be very thin between the certain protections, so you have to read your contract very carefully to avoid any sort of surprises when you actually need a water damage restoration service and ask for the claim.

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