Why Is There A Difference In Charges Of Commercial Cleaning Services?

Cleanliness in an office is a must and the employer should not compromise over the quality of services in any way. Sometimes when we request the professional cleaning services of several cleaning companies, there are considerable cost variations, which at first sight we may fail to understand. The variations of the amounts that we find when comparing the cleaning budgets of buildings and companies, always have an explanation based on the improvement keys.

In this article on cleaning office buildings and companies, keys and improvements, we intend to explain the variables that influence prices and services of the professional commercial cleaning services to understand why there may be differences between the budgets that apparently correspond to the similar commercial cleaning services.

There are certain key factors which influence the price changes of cleaning office buildings. The prices applied by the commercial cleaning services can vary by different factors when providing their services such as the following;

The procedures used to carry out the cleaning tasks can accelerate or slow down the time spent in these activities, whose labor costs that are between eighty and ninety percent of the total, must necessarily be passed on to the customers in their budgets and invoices.

The general infrastructure of a large commercial cleaning service with a stock of machinery under constant renovation and maintenance, including repair costs, a fleet of vehicles to transport machinery and operators, facilities according to the volume of business, with goods storage areas, tools and good administrative facilities, entails expenses different from those borne by self-employed or small family businesses.

The contracting of a liability insurance policy by commercial cleaning services is essential, and must be adjusted to the extent of business volume, the risk in the activities to be developed according to the sectors of production and services provided, also assuming a significant cost, which can vary the budget depending on whether or not the insurance is available.

The use of a greater or lesser amount of cleaning products in the sanitization of spaces will also be passed on to the client. There are different procedures for the sanitization of spaces, among which some do not require the use of specific products obtaining equally effective results. As an example, we can imagine the cleaning of surfaces with detergent products, or the use of a high-pressure steam machine, which only uses water.

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