Why Do People Prefer Visiting Desert Safari Dubai?

The desert is one of the places that visitors do not want to leave the United Arab Emirates without visiting. Here you will find that the color of the sand and dunes they form is different depending on the emirate they are in. You will get to see the following colors of sand in all of the seven states.

In Abu Dhabi, it is light red for having a minimal concentration of iron oxide
In Ajman, it has a cream color for its white coral sediment.
In Dubai, it is red for having more iron oxide than in Abu Dhabi.
In Fujairah, it is black for the sand that comes of the erosion of its mountains.
In Ras Al Khaimah, it is mostly white by quartz.
In Sharjah, it is brown for its mixture of iron and lead sulphide.
It is blue in Umm al-Qaiwain, which gives it iron when it is not rusty.

As you can see that every state of the UAE has a desert, but when we talks about a visit to desert Safari, there is only one name which is most notable and visited by a large number of visitors every year along all the states.

There is no doubt that desert Safari is a good option to spend an exciting day in the desert, and being able to opt for a desert safari with a guide is one of the best activities when you are deciding what to do in Dubai.

The desert safari Dubai consists of crossing the imposing dunes mounted on the spectacular 4X4 rides in the most luxurious and expensive vehicles until you arriving at a Bedouin tourist camp for a dinner with traditional show and belly dance.

It is for sure that no one leaves Dubai without enjoying the desert safari Dubai. In case you are suffering from have back pain, or you are an expectant mom or you think that you can get sick and dizzy with the up and down in during the rides, we recommend you to go directly to dinner at the decided venue of the desert safari Dubai. There is an Arab fortress located in the nature reserve in the middle of the desert where you can enjoy a traditional Arabic dinner with show at its Al Hadheerah restaurant. I am sure you are now willing to go for your desert safari Dubai tour, why wait just pack your bags and get a flight to Dubai for the extreme levels of enjoyment.

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