Which is the Best Car Wax Manufacturer?

There are a multitude of manufacturers that make car wax however I am going to go over what I feel are the 5 major players in the industry and a little bit about each company.

Turtle Wax

When I think of the best car wax, the first company that comes to mind is Turtle Wax with a wide variety of products and over 70 years of experience in the industry Turtle Wax is a power player in the industry. Turtle Wax was founded in 1941 by Ben Hirsch; they are based in the Chicago area and are still a family owned company. With a wide array of products you will most definitely be able to find the type of wax that is perfect for your specific application.

Armor All

Armor All started in 1962 when Joe Palcher created his famous rubber and plastic protectant which is what we now know as Armor All. Joe sold the formula/ company to Alan Rypinski in 1972 and it has been off to the races since then. While Armor All has not always been in the car wax industry they do offer a variety of different waxes well suited to almost any application.


This is the youngest of the crew however Mothers has done a great job at growing their brand and producing a great product. They started out in the 1970’s making a polish designed for the new Mag wheels of the time. Today the company has many different types of waxes available and should be able to fill almost any need.


It is also a major player in the car wax industry and they have been working at it even longer than our friends a Turtle Wax have. Having been in business for over 110 years you will be hard pressed to find a company that has been in producing wax longer. Frank Meguiar the founder of Meguiar’s started out producing furniture polish in 1901. The company he founded 110 years ago has now grown in to one of the major players in the automotive wax industry. Offering a wide variety of materials, Meguiar’s would be well suited to fit any of the needs you would have as a consumer.

At the end of the day as I said there are many different companies out there who produce and sell car wax and this is obviously a very small sample of the group. I can however say that I have used products from all of these companies and they all produce a great product. In a future article I am going to create a more complete list of manufacturers as well as their specific offerings. I appreciate you taking the time to read through the article and I hope that you have learned about the best car wax.

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