What are the Best Shrubs for Your Landscaping Design?

For limited spaces, landscaping shrubs are the most ideal choices. Not only do they fit these areas, they are attractive to look at. Different shrubs have different characteristics. Some are dwarfs, growing to just about 3 to 5 feet, while others can have a height of 10 to 15 feet, tall enough to be considered small trees. Some prefer warmer climate while some grow best in temperate and colder regions. More than their natural beauty, there are landscape plants that are used as hedges or privacy screens, specimens or border plants.

Mountain Laurels

They have a long rich history, dating back into the times of Greeks and Romans. Moreover, it is often confused with a similar plant known as bay laurels. They are gifted with the ability to display their lovely flowers during spring or even summer. They thrive in woodlands of North America.

To plant mountain laurels into your own yard is not so tough. In fact, you can include it in your overall landscaping design. They can grow to a length of 5 to 8 feet. Their flowers, shaped like cups and speckled, come in colors of pink and white. Some landscapers and owners actually attempt propagation through transplanting them from the mountains, which can actually cause grave damage to their roots. To ensure success, you can simply acquire them from any of the local nursery. In landscaping mountain laurels, they shouldn’t be planted too deeply by not burying their crown, or else, they die. They also live longer in more acidic soil.

Rose of Sharon

In landscaping, some shrubs make excellent ‘living walls’ and privacy screens to ward off the prying eyes of your neighbors. A typical example is Rose of Sharon. At maturity, it can develop to 8 to 10 feet in length with a spread of 4 to 6 feet. Its flowers can either be in hues of red, white, lavender, or even light blue. Depending on the cultivar, its leaves are small and colored light green.

What makes these flowers an ideal part in landscaping is its capacity to bloom to the delight of its owners and onlookers. As a hibiscus plant, it has pretty stamens. While other plants have already lost color, especially in the late parts of summer, this one stands out.

Pussy Willow

Native of Canada and eastern parts of USA, it is a shrub with hairy buds attached to the branches. It can grow to as tall as 20 feet at maturity. If you are considering it as a landscape shrub, it must be regularly pruned.

In good-conditioned soil, the professional designers of landscaping services should ensure that they receive a generous amount of water to survive. Landscaping Pussy Willows is also easy. Its roots can develop fast and grow whether under full sunlight or in partial shade.

Butterfly Bushes

You have the power to add more life to your garden by landscaping Butterfly Bushes, which can attract butterflies and insects like the tiger swallowtails and hummingbirds. They grow to 6 to 12 feet tall with a spread of 4 to 15 feet upon full development.

The landscaping services can make use of butterfly bushes as perennial borders. They look more delightful when they are planted closer to each other. Though they can tolerate drought, they survive best if the soil is well drained and there is sufficient sunlight.

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