Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Outdoor Basketball Game

The greatest aspect of outdoor basketball is that you can learn how to develop skills on your own. A coach’s advice and the lessons you learn from playing in games are valuable, but so are your individual talents. Learn outdoor basketball tips and tricks that can help you elevate your game to the next level from this article. There are some things that you need to be aware of in order to be a dominant force on the court.

A move that has gone out of style is the hook shot. The hook shot is a solid outdoor basketball move that is hard to defend if used properly. Centers should definitely add hook shots to their game to prevent anyone from blocking a shot. It does not matter if you use the backboard because as long as the ball goes in you’re making a positive contribution for your team. Practice hook shots close to the rim and as your skills develop move farther and farther away. A hook shot can come in handy as a move you can bust out late in a game when the defense thinks they have you figured out.

How often do you practice dribble drills on your own? The chair break is a good drill for you to practice to build your ball handling skills. This drill can be done alone. Set up 5 chairs in a line to the rim from just a little past half court. Place each one as far or close to one another as you like. When you’re ready start from the first chair and dribble all the way to the basket by going in between the chairs in a zigzag fashion. Drive the basketball up to the rim and make a layup. Practice this drill several times to get used to a fast break. Try and move faster each time and think of ways to outwit your opponent if one were there. Practice spin moves, fake outs, and even hook shots to figure out how to score on a fast break.

The fundamentals are the outdoor basketball core tips and tricks that many players overlook. Get your footwork down to avoid injury and to place yourself in the best position possible during a game. Practice the steps you plan on taking when you do a layup over and over again. Next practice running backwards to get used to playing on the defensive end when this type of motion is necessary. Footwork is important but so is your shot. Shoot free throws until you can make a certain amount in a row. For instance, start by trying to make 20 in a row and then increase your goal to 30. Add 10 every time and you will increase your free throws percentage.

Consistency is the most important thing when it comes to practicing outdoor basketball tricks. Practice like the hook shot often, so your body can build that muscle memory to help it make these shots during a game. Shoot free throws every chance you get to develop a good rhythm. You should do drills like the chair break regularly, so that you are prepared for any situation that you come across. In basketball, preparation is the key to victory, so develop your skills to give your team a winning edge.

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