Threats of Increased Usage of Electricity Equipment & Importance of Air Filters

Proper operation of the HVAC system does not end after the design and installation of the components. Keeping them in optimum conditions affects energy consumption and indoor air quality as well.

In an HVAC system, coils are among the most important elements for the reason that they are present in most of the activities of daily living. The productive works are developed near them directly or indirectly, and are basic elements in the refrigeration cycle. In just 200 years, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems have become indispensable for most of the industrial activities i.e. for the preservation, processing and sale of food, as part of the manufacturing processes, in the medical industry, for the air conditioning in shops, residences and amusement rooms, in the transport of people and supplies by land, sea and air and even in the space flights.

If it were not for air conditioning and refrigeration, many cities in the world in the North and tourist areas would not have achieved their current development. In some parts of the world, having air conditioning or heating systems has grown into be a necessity. The comfort and productivity depend on them, and they, in turn, depend on the supply of electricity, but electricity generation is mainly done through non-renewable sources, which has become a subject of the global concern.

In many countries, air conditioning is responsible for energy peaks during the summer. In addition, according to the various studies, its energy demand is the highest of all systems installed anywhere.

Electricity consumption represents a significant percentage of the fixed expenses of businesses, offices and institutions that operate most of the year for at least eight hours a day. For the residential users, although it is a seasonal use, it is also an important expense, for example, where most of the middle-level houses are situated, one or two mini-splits, if the electricity bill usually amounts to around $200 a month during the hot months between May and August, increases to $400 for each ton of installed equipment. This amount varies depending on the type of unit, its age, location and frequency of the use.

Electricity ranks third in the final energy consumption according to the Energy Regulatory Commission. 88% of the users are from the domestic sector, although they only consume 26% of the total electricity produced unlike the commercial and industrial sectors, which cover 11% of the users and consume 66% of the energy produced.

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