Construction of the Log House Foundation

Have you ever dreamed about your home? For most people, they associate it with holidays, relax or simply a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Before starting a construction process, you have to choose a suitable place for it. The location depends on what you imagine your life i.e. modern, somewhere near the city or where a forest can be quiet behind your house. This type of construction could be your log house or home garden to live in the summer time and vacation. Many people are amazed at how fast they can build, but only less know how to build it and what the main steps are in the construction process of a log house.

Building a log house is a very difficult process. Without any experience, it can be difficult to understand why the prices are so different and the exterior seems more after a few years. There are many ‘whys’ and most log house owners ask the relevant questions when it is too late.

In the process of the log house construction, it is necessary to make the walls protruding no more than 6 meters, as that is the standard log length. Fireplace must be installed to keep a safe distance from the wood elements. It is advisable to project the registration walls, between the outside and in the same thickness, because in different sizes, they can be mounted separately in the time of the exploration.

It is important to note that the log house was made and collected inside, then remembered and built in its actual position. Logs in a closed enclosure will not get additional moisture, the surface becomes dry in the rainy day and antiseptics are not washed away by the rain. Bad weather does not prevent a house from being built.

Installing a well-made home foundation is important. You need to pay attention to the foundation surface which should be very smooth. The surface roughness and height difference should not exceed 10 mm. It is recommended that the height of the base should not be less than 30 centimeters, because when it comes to lower height in rainy days, it can become dirty which is difficult to remove.

The construction of a log house is light and environment friendly. They are very simple and not too expensive. The concrete foundation throughout the area of the house if you wish.

The foundation of the log house usually makes 30-40 mm smaller than the exterior dimension of the house. The basics of the assembly are with the cement floor and to heat them with a layer of polystyrene. Everything is installed in concrete floors i.e. electricity, water, sewer and streams installation on the ground floor.

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