7 Steps to Make a Custom Calendar with Mandalas

To make a mandala calendar, you will need the following materials;

A cardboard of the size you want to have your calendar
The colored and trimmed mandala. You can easily download one of the free printable coloring pages of mandalas available online.

Crayons or other type of colors you like
A ruler for making lines
Thumbtacks to hang

Steps to Make Your Mandala Calendar

1 – We will begin by folding the paperboard in half.

In this way, we will have two equal halves, one to make a table of the month with its days of the week and the other to paste our mandala and decorate it using our imagination.

2 – We write the days of the week.

In the middle of the cardboard, we note the days of the week from Monday to Sunday, leaving a small space between them.

3 – We make a table of 7×5 cells.

With the help of a ruler, we are going to make a 7X5 table.
Our ruler is 30 cm, so we have agreed on Monday with the zero point and the end of Sunday with 30. We must make a mark every 4.3 cm horizontally.

Vertically we will have to draw 5 squares, so we will make a mark every 4 cm. From now on we only have to join our signage with a colored pencil until we have a table.

4 – Now we number the days.

With a color marker, and using a calendar to check when the month in question begins, we will write the corresponding numbers, which correspond to each day of the week.

5 – Write Motivational Phrase

This is a great occasion to include a phrase or quote that you like and motivate.

6 – We paste the mandala.

The upper part is reserved for gluing the mandala and placing it in the central area of ​​the cardboard. Indicate the name of the month, and the season of the year and decorate it to our liking.

7 – Exhibit the Calendar

Now you only have to hang it in the place you like most, in the kitchen, in the living room, in your own room or at work, that is, where you get used to having your calendar. The ideal is to have it always in sight to remember a birthday or important appointment.

Now you have your custom mandala calendar. Enjoy it and dare to create the complete calendar. In addition, it can be a perfect gift for friends and family.

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