5 Benefits of MSI Laptop

MSI has provided its users with an almost okay range of gaming laptops with many features like eye-detection sensors and mechanically operative keyboards. There may be certain issues but what device doesn’t have them. They are negligible as compared to the benefits that are listed below. Here are a few reasons why you should go for an MSI laptop:

1 – Features That Intrigue the Users

Many of its laptops like the WS60 and GT72S Dominator Pro Dragon editions are eye catchers. They with their unique slim design attract the customers. The GT72S has a brightly red illuminated cover with a dragon imprinted on top of it. Backlighting that is customizable on the aluminum made notebooks is another attractive feature. GT80 Titan SLI is the one which has a mechanical keyboard.

2 – The Best Gaming Technology – Killer ™ Gaming Technology

For the goal of achieving faster and smoother gaming online MSI has incorporated into its laptops one of the finest gaming technologies i.e. the Killer™ E200 Intelligent Networking Program that has the power of detecting traffic and then taking all possible measures to accelerate the process of making the gaming more smooth and fast. It is great in the terms that it does not get the game stuck; no lags or freezes are seen.

3 – All about Utilizing Bandwidth

While the notebooks that allow gaming compete for bandwidth and causes lag in the whole gaming session, it is nothing like that with the MSI laptops. They throttle down the bandwidth that other applications are using and keep the game running smoother and faster.

4 – Lower Latency is What It’s All About!

Lower latency is a process in which the round up time is delayed so that the response time from the online server is lessened. This is very necessary for all notebooks that offer gaming but its present in MSI as compared to other notebooks. For instance, in the game high latency/ping laptops will cause a delay or lag when a player is trying to shoot. Whereas in these MSI laptops lower latency is the key for fast online responses that do not cause any freezes or delays in the game. This lower latency feature is available with the GT60 and GT70 MSI gaming laptops.

5 – Fast

As compared to the Mb/s that are used by the Internet explorer, it provides 16 times more speed for video streaming or online gaming, 2 times more faster while playing the League of Legends due to its lower latency ping timing. For the same reason of lower latency timing, the ability of counter striking gets about 1.5 times faster.

MSI laptops that provide such good features are worth a go for gamers who look for these features especially the fast online response and no lagging or freezing features. Only if MSI improves their tech support and weak warranty issues they have the potential to take over the gaming world in about a few years! So what are you waiting for? Go grab MSI laptop UAE and play the weekend away.

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