4 Things to Know about Google Pixel

Google is a corporate name that brings the best for you and lets you to hit the ultimate things that you want to use in the common routine life. From all the browsing applications, software to the ultimate gadgets that you use commonly everything is provided by Google on the premium level. Google Pixel is the ultimate presentation by Google that comes to you and you have got to get hands on the premium features of the device. Here are some important things that you need to know and understand about the Google Pixel that will make smartphone using something better and improved.

Next Level Camera

The camera is the ultimate thing that is highly considered in the smartphones because at present smart phone is not just a phone but a complete fellow gadget that lets you have the best thing on your side. The premium and the high rated camera let you have the high definition and ultimate pictures with maximum zoom and high contract colors in any light. This can be your professional camera on making the ultimate settings and lets you to have the best experience with your travelling and in hand photography.

A Really Heavy Memory

Pixel offers you the ultimate memory of 32GB that is actually a 32GB totally free for you to work and consume the best and ultimate memory to store all the files and work nonstop with the unlimited memory easily. Another version of the Pixel come up with the 128GB of memory that is more than enough for you to handle the other things. The not so good thing about it the limitation with the expansion, there is not memory card supported with the phone and you have to work with the built in memory that is available to you.

Headphone Supported

Google Pixel have all the best features that lets you to have all the basic utilities in a good phone. You can have all the ultimate features in the phone that supports the 3.5mm jack headphone and provides you the best connectivity of the headphones for better audio support as well. This will make it a complete package and brings the best support to your daily life. Although there is a technology of wireless headphones but Google preferred the wired headphone as these are familiar to be used by the majority.

Safe Battery Working

Commonly with all the recent launches there is a common problem reported and that is the battery. It is a regular news with the most of the newly released phones that battery got a shot circuit and cause some of the deathly dangers to the life of the people on common grounds, but with Google Pixel Dubai, things are quite secure and comfortable as well. There are not issues related to the battery on fire reported by any of the users. In fact, all the reviews are completely okay for the smartphone.

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