4 Best Fireproof Gun Safes

The matter of choosing a gun safe is not an easy one, as right now there are many different options available on the market. Not only the prices differ a lot, but there is a vast difference in the quality also. Here is a list of best fireproof gun safes that I am sharing with you, some of them are a little bit pricey, but I am sure nothing can be more precious to you more than the security.

1 – Stack-On Ss-16-Mb-C

It looks like a decorative piece, but in reality, it is very functional, not only it is fireproof but it is packed with 100 other features that will surely impress you. It is priced 500$, and if you have a good collection of firearms, then this one is surely for you. It has different compartments inside, which can be used for strong either small firearms or even small accessories and your bullets collection.

The locking system is amazing, you can create 100’s of combinations on this one, and no need of any electricity with this one.

2 – Stack-On GCDB-924

Bigger in size as compared to the last one, and this one is also cheaper, it is tagged under the tag of $250. It is double door, which means that you can organize your firearms and place in any order that you like. This is bigger than an 8-gun one, and is heavily built, which means that it provides extra protection to fire arm collection. It is very fast to use, and does not make any kind of noises when you are opening it, or are placing the combinations, which is the best feature about this one.

3 – Mesa Safe Company

Another cabinet design is here, it if best suited for those people who have a special love for the hunting, as it can store the longer fire arms in it easily. You are able to store more than 4 long and 4 small fire arms in this one. Plus you also get a good space where you can store the other small accessories and the bullets. It is priced as $1000, and it very strong in its built and is completely fireproof. It is a heavy one, which means that you will love it for sure.

4 – Stack-On Total Defense

This is another one that is huge in its size and offers you a lot of space to store your collection of every fire arm that you have. It has different sized compartments that you can use for storing extra things you have with your fire arms. You can also store bullets and longer fire arms in this one. If you love hunting, this is the best one that you must get. It is priced around 900$ and the best thing is if you contact the company who makes these, you can also get yourself a custom made, with any logo or detail of your own choice. It will cost you around 1000$ then.

You must consider getting a fireproof gun safe in order to increase the level of security for yourself and your loved ones.

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